Why is it so hard to adopt a rescue dog?

Why do they have stupid rules?

They don’t let you adopt if you have young children.

I don’t have a garden and I can offer a loving home but I was turned down for a dog I applied for. Surely a loving home is better than no home.

I work full time and I can afford and look after a dog and I will get in a dog walker in during the day. Yet when I applied my application was rejected because of my working hours. Why?

My cats are dog savvy yet the rescue wouldn’t let me adopt a dog I wanted.

The rescue wouldn’t let me adopt a dog I applied for so I’m going to buy one…

All these dogs in rescue but they make it so hard to adopt one….

These rescues need to have a think about their rules because they are stupid.


These are just some of the comments we have seen written about rescues, on social media.

We make no apologies for our application process. We are not going to give our dogs to just any home, no matter how nice or loving because it absolutely has to be the RiGHT home for that individual dog.

If we have a dog assessed as getting highly anxious in the company of children or that has previously snapped, then no we won’t home THAT dog to a home with children. Who would that benefit? Who would be happy? No one.

If we have a high energy dog that needs to have garden access as well as long walks or one that likes to potter around quietly in a garden then we will want the dogs new home to have a garden, why wouldn’t we?

If we have a dog that hates to be left home alone and you work. Would you be happy to come home to complaints from your neighbours or a half eaten sofa?
Why would we put a dog in a situation where the dog would become highly anxious? I’m sure the new owners would be quick to return the dog too.

Dog savvy cats? Brilliant. Would you like a dog that would hurt or kill your cats? Maybe not a good idea then.

By all means buy a dog. It’s your choice.

There are dogs in rescue but we are not desperate to home them. They are loved and cared for in their foster home. We care about their future and want their new home to be perfect for them. So we won’t home them to any home just to get them homed somewhere. That’s just irresponsible.

Our rules? We don’t have blanket rules. Age of applicants, children, working hours, flats, height of fence, other dogs, cats etc are all flexible. The criteria for each dog varies. They have been assessed prior to being available for adoption.

We have a large number of applicants for our dogs. If you are not successful that does not mean we believe you can’t offer a fantastic home to a rescue dog, it’s just that we can only choose one home for each dog.

We care about all the dogs like our own and are very loved. They will always be part of the Barney’s family.