Hi guys! It’s me Bandit again!

Well what a rubbish week for me. Foster mum took me to the vets this week. The vet man was lovely; he said I’ve put on a perfect amount of weight and foster mum has cleaned my eye up lovely. Well I did tell you I was perfect didn’t I?

They made me go to sleep at the vets, and when I woke up I had a shaved patch on my beautiful fur! Foster mum said I was in for a “spay” and “microchip”. Nothing felt micro about it!! But I did feel very funny afterwards and when I got home I snuggled up to my favourite people and slept until I felt normal again.

So it’s been a bit of a boring week for me, I’m not able to get out into the catio with this stupid cone on, and foster mum has to give me medicine every morning which I really don’t like! I keep telling her I don’t want it but she doesn’t listen. Only one more day and then she’ll take this cone off.

Foster mum says my scar from surgery is healing up nicely and I can’t wait to have my gorgeous fur covering it up again. Only upside is that foster mum feels sorry for me when I bash into the walls with the cone so she’s given me lots and lots of extra dreamies!

Even the big dog has let me sleep on her bed! I’m definitely the boss right now.

Much love to all you cool cats

Bandit 😎