At Barney’s, when a dog comes into our rescue they go straight into a pre arranged and approved foster home. This is nicer for the dog, rather than a kennel and it also means they can be properly assessed in a home environment.

We are of course very careful to place each dog into what we believe to be, the right home set up. The fosterer opens their home and lives up to the dog.

The fosterer does this for the dogs; it’s not always easy, the dogs are sometimes scared, hyperactive, stressed, cry overnight, not toilet trained or terrible to walk on lead.

The fosterer is committed to the dog, doesn’t just hand them back and say its too difficult because they are special kinds of people that truly want to help.

The dogs often also slot into fosterers lives very easily getting on well with resident dogs, cats or children and the family helps the dog get ready for their new home.

Fosterers may be asked in advance to take in a dog but then be let down at the last minute when an owner suddenly changes their mind or gives the dog away, they may also be asked to take a dog immediately. They take it in their stride and accept that it’s part of dog rescue.

We have many people that say “oh I couldn’t do it, I would keep them all”!
We say no you wouldn’t. Fosterers show love to all dogs that go through their home but that doesn’t mean they would want to adopt them all.

The hardest and best part of fostering is to move them onto their forever home where they will be adored.

If the match does happen to be perfect then we do allow a fosterer to adopt their foster dog although this is lovely for the dog, we often lose a foster home for any new rescues that come in.

Foster to adopt… basically no. We don’t do try before you buy.

The role of a fosterer is to take one dog after another, as and when needed to. Fosterers that will only take in one type of breed and age hoping they get one they can adopt, is not helpful to the rescue.

If people want to adopt then apply for a dog. Fostering is not a back door way to adoption.

All our fosterers are supplied with what the dog needs, by us, if they don’t arrive with anything.
Food, Collar, harness, lead, bed, blanket, toys, food flea treatment, etc and any vet treatment is covered by us.

Our fosterers are fantastic in the love and care they show the gorgeous dogs that are temporarily without a home. The work they do is invaluable and they are very much appreciated.

We are always looking for more foster homes to support our work.

You can have children, dogs and cats, work and those that live in flats. However we always ensure the dogs should be ok in your home environment.

For example…dog has snapped… we wouldn’t place with children.

Has separation anxiety..won’t place with those that work.

The fosterers are supported throughout the dogs placement and we also have a behaviourist to help with any issues.

There is an application to complete and various checks that we need to do.

If you live in the Bridgend,Cardiff, Swansea and Birmingham areas, then please apply we also have a South Wales recruitment afternoon later this month.

If you would like an application please email