Hi everyone Yoda here,

This was last summer. I’m standing on the garden table, I dont think I’m meant to be on, I had better get down and join my sister Madge and Miss Google’s.

They came into rescue the same time as me, they have been adopted now, to a lovely family together.

I know I am in my forever home I never want to leave. I love my mum and she loves me, I can tell.

We are looking at some bees.

It was me who managed to catch one😱 in the lavender Bush. It was very painful, so I run to my mum. She could see I was trying to tell her something and my face had started to swell, so before picking me up she gave me some horrible medicine, then cuddled me.

Yoda and Ben are long term foster dogs. If you would like to sponsor them please click here

It wasn’t long before I was back to normal. Mum didn’t let us back into that part of the garden with the lavender bush until she put a fence around it because she knew I would go back 🤔 and try and catch another bee, if not me Madge or Miss Google’s might.

More adventures soon 💙