Sponsoring Our Long Term Fosters

When a dog comes into rescue and is assessed, we sometimes find that they are not suitable to be adopted. This can be due to serious medical conditions that have come to light during assessment, or it may be due to having a history of abuse that causes the dog to be deeply distressed and needing long term work in foster.

The dogs listed below are those who are with us in long term foster and are looking for sponsors to support their quality of life.


In memoriam





Yoda is a 5 year old hairless Chinese crested crossed Peruvian inca orchid. He came into our care along with 9 others. Yoda has remained in our care due to ongoing health issues with what is believed to be epilepsy. He also has medication for neurological issues. He is a nervous boy due to his lack of socialisation and he finds new situations difficult to manage. He has on occasion expelled his anal glands in fear. He adores his long term fosterer and his fur siblings and has gained in confidence. He loves running fast and free in a secure field, with the others as long as his foster mum is there to see his antics. Yoda loves mental stimulation activities and is proving to be clever and quite cheeky now his personality is coming out more.

It costs £250 per month for Yoda’s medication and neurological check-ups


George & Milly

George sadly passed away in February 2022

Milly sadly passed away leaving George last year. 

Coming Soon



Ben is a 4 year old Chinese crested, with some Peruvian inca orchid. He has some significant bowel issues that need management and may need future surgery although currently he is doing ok. He is a funny little boy. He is desperate to be loved and loves people and attention but is also very scared and easily frightened. He often crouches down or cries out in fear of something he thinks may happen. He has grown in confidence and he loves running as fast as his little legs will carry him, across a secure field with his fur siblings, supervised by his foster mum. He runs back to celebrate his achievement. He is quite scatty and doesn’t have much co ordination, bless him. Ben is a happy chap and enjoying life in Barney’s care.

It costs £200 per month to support Ben


FAQ’s on Sponsorship

Am I making a monthly recurring payment?

At the moment no, this is currently a one-off payment. If you want to offer a monthly amount, please contact us to set up a direct debit.

Will I get Updates about the Dog I'm sponsoring?

Yes. You will receive a monthly review of the dog and the progress they are making within their foster home.

What if I want to donate a present to them too?

All you need to do is go to our Amazon wish list on our home page, choose the item, and in the tag specify the name of the dog you would like it to go to.

I'd like to become a long term fosterer how do I do this?

Please contact us via email and we will talk through how to become a long term foster.

Get in Touch By Phone Or email

We are volunteers so we will reply as soon as we possibly can so thanks for being patient!