Hi all,

Scrappy here 😁

I had my afternoon walk and when we got back to my bachelor pad, foster mum said we could do some tricks. My favourite thing! I’m super keen and show mum how brilliant I am.

I can now sit and lay down super fast, like a rocket! I can give both paws onto her feet then her hands. I can ‘be a bear’ mum says that makes me look so cute and innocent (I will remember that) (its a little beg and I poke my tongue out at the same time, as it takes a lot of concentration balancing on my butt!

I can do ‘middle’ between mums legs, again super fast and I either sit or down. I can ‘watch me’ if mum says it, then I look straight to her and stare into her eyes πŸ₯° even if I’m looking at a scooby snack at the time. I do some fantastic weaving through mums legs, although I do sometimes try to go too fast!

I roll over ☺ I love leaping. Mum makes a circle with her arms like a hoop and I fly through, she sticks he leg out and I fly over it and under it if she wants me too. She sticks an arm out and I’m right over that too.

I do a fab touch.. my nose to her hand. I can spin both ways. My latest one is ‘look left’ mum says look left and I turn my head to look πŸ˜… odd thing to ask me to do but it makes her happy and I’m always getting super tasty rewards so who am I to moan.

Mum says I’m a clever boy but I do need to slow down and make it all a bit neater 😁 Then I settle down with a furry rabbits ear. My favourite πŸ™‚

Speak soon,


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