So, I’ve been a bad boy mum says, although she did say it with a smile on her face so I know she still loves me really 😊

All I did was rearrange my bed and I discovered the mattress ( I have a toddler bed) somehow a little hole appeared so I wanted to discover what was inside. Everyone knows dogs like to dig, right?

Well I just kept going, it was fascinating all this stuffing came out, that I flung into the air. Then I found these sping things covered in material.

That’s when mum discovered my antics 😬

It wasn’t my fault that the mattress told me to dig I told mum. Anyway she sorted it out and moving the mattress all around and magically the hole has disappeared!

That night I threw all my blankets off the bed and there was no hole!! I will try to leave it alone now but its an old mattress so the top is worn and I might just get tempted to do it again 🀣

Mum has given me a pigs ear with some sardines tucked in it, she says it might take my mind off the mattress.

I really didn’t like all that wind the other day, it was far too loud and whooshy, I told it off but it made no difference. It even kept flapping up my equafleece and exposing my bum to the elements when we were on our walk.

I want to thank you again for my lovely treats that have arrived. Mum says I’m a spoilt pooch but I’m worth it. I do try my very best to be a super fantastic dog.

The Barney’s team say that saving dogs like me from being pts, is what it’s all about. Mum says that I am an odd bod though 🀣πŸ₯° I don’t care as long as mum loves me.

If anyone has a toddler bed mattress that their little one doesn’t need anymore, then I would be very grateful to have it because this one is a bit uncomfortable now, to be honest. I promise not to dig it up 😊

Have a good week and I hope the sun shines for you.

Scrappy 😘

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