Hi all!

My mum says that I am a very spoilt boy 🤣

She says I have lots of fans that have bought me things because I am special. I wondered why the Amazon man had been making more trips to the house than usual. I hear him on his way to my house and even though I give him my biggest bark, he takes absolutely no notice!

Had I known the deliveries were for me then I might have been a little less annoyed at him for daring to set foot on my property.

I have some fab gifts. Mum says they are to keep my brain busy, I say they are to keep my tummy happy 😁

I was given a doggy Easter egg this week. Mum said it’s a bit early to eat it as it’s not Easter yet but I kept giving her hints that I really wanted to try my first ever Easter egg, by looking at it longingly.

It worked!

Mum gave in, she says I am too cute. It was a bit of a faff trying to get into it but I managed to rip off the cardboard and the foil to find the chocolate. I ate it all up.

Mum said ‘Scraps you will be sick’. Of course, I wasn’t 🤣 It wasn’t quite as tasty as the sardines and sausages people have bought me but I’m very happy to be sent a few more 😍

So this week has meant more walks as the days are longer. I have something to share too.

I have stopped being so dramatic when cars go past me and I can cope when they have gone past and carry on my walk. Mum says this is brilliant and I’m a very good boy.

I still don’t like those cyclists, horseriders and walkers though. Luckily there are not too many of them. So that means we can walk further as I don’t get so stressed out. I still like doing the zoomies in the field though.

I hope you are all taking your furry friends on nice long walks from your home. Just don’t walk where I can see you and we will all be happy.

Love to you all,