Well as I’m the favourite permanent foster dog (the best looking and cutest too of course 😊) I have been asked to do my very own Blog – Scrappy’s world! So here goes. 😁

Foster mum came in to me this morning and I did my usual crazy, leaping, zoomies, as I proudly showed her my room. For some reason she thought I had had a party in here! As if! No one ever is allowed in my pad, just foster mum. I just like to rearrange everything. She’s never impressed with my efforts though.

This morning was off lead field run time. Yay!! I leapt around with joy but Mum said ‘scraps if you wanna go in to the field, I’ve got to put your harness on, so I manage to control myself for 10 seconds! My first task on getting outside was to stop and scan for threats. This world is full of things that like to torment me…its all clear.

Clipped onto my long line, I ran and ran and ran, mum says I have crazy eyes πŸ€ͺ I love the squelchy field and I’m soon very muddy. My duck was in the field frozen! Still I grabbed it for a game of fetch.

After my breakfast I get a huge Cows tail to munch on. I love em! I hope you liked my first blog Scrappy πŸ™‚

I’m one of Barney’s Small Breed Rescue long term foster dogs. If you would like to donate to my care, please click here