Hi all

Today It’s lead walk time. I love my lead walks as I know the lane well BUT did you know how dangerous this world is? Well I will tell you…

On my way out of the drive I heard a hooman, so I used my supersonic scanning skills to locate who the voice belonged to. It was young man Sam, looking out of his window. He lives with foster mum. I made a hole in his boxer shorts once, when I bit him on the bum 😬 I know I shouldn’t have done but I just couldn’t help myself. So just incase he was going to move from his window I barked at him, then I saw one of the barn cats 🐈 so they got told off too, sadly I couldn’t catch it though, as mum had my lead.

Walking up the lane I stopped to check on the horses, they are odd things, they stand and stare at me, they don’t even bark! So I do the same back to them. They don’t move so we walk on.

I make sure I leave my scent on the grass outside, just in case they decide to follow me. Mum says I am much improved on my walks because I now take time to smell the roses 🌹 well I never see any roses but there is a lot of information to gather from various objects and poo along the lane.

Then the moving things woosh past me, cars, and vans urgh I hate them, I tell them off but they never listen, I just want to bite and chase the ugly things away. Mums says I’m a fruitloop and and tells me to leave it, I’m now managing to control myself with the cars a bit more and I usually get a tasty snack.

Anyway more on the worlds dangers next time..

Speak soon,