An evening chilling with foster mum 🥰 well I do try to chill 😁

We played tug-a-duck, I have to be careful as sometimes ducks head pulls off, then I am horrified, as I do love my ducks! I searched for my treats in my snuffle mat and mum scattered kibble all over the place. My supersonic nose soon finds the lot.

I had a chomp on my cow’s hoof, which I’m only interested in when mum is with me. I laid down next to mum but she says I’m a big fidget, so I climbed up behind her and sat on her head 🤣 Then I heard a threat, so I leapt up, mum said there was nothing there but I KNOW there was something, so I sat and stared at the door, daring the threat to consider entering Scrappy’s pad. My supersonic scary skills must have frightened it away because we were safe. Phew! Mum really does not appreciate how much I keep her safe 😍

Now I get to snuggle up on my heat pad with a chewy meat treat. Then I get to rearrange the room 🤣


Scrappy is one of Barney’s long term foster dogs. If you would like to donate to his long term care please click here