Hi all,
Mum apologises for slacking on her blog writing duties, she says she has been super busy and not had time to take notes on our time together.

Mum is so proud of me ☺
She says things are starting to come together and I am making more noticeable improvements in my coping skills.

This is what she says…
‘Scrappy at first you were manic, you couldn’t stay still for a second, panting lots, very hyperactive when touched, your eyes didn’t focus on anything. You were super hyper vigilant and couldn’t switch off incase you missed something. To you, everything was a potential threat.

Scrappy you have learned to self calm.

You never knew how to use your nose. Not once did you stop to sniff anything on a walk, you were in total panic and watch out for everything mode.

I bought you lots of puzzle and mental stimmulation toys and supporters bought you lots too. Those helped you think and use your clever brain. It also used up some of that mental energy.

Slowly we learned to do lots of tricks together, I love doing tricks with you Scrappy because you have so much fun doing it and although you are often clumsy and too keen we make a good team and I love seeing you thinking hard, with that tongue hanging out as you try to concentrate 🀣

Your recall in the field is fantastic and no matter where I hide, you find me.
Over the last few weeks I’ve been so pleased to see you are now able to allow cars to pass with out barking and lunging at every one.

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Now you can use your nose, you are thoroughly enjoying making up for lost time, sniffing along the lanes to see who has passed along there. That means you are often so engrossed, cars can pass with out incident. If you are not sniffing you go straight into a ‘middle’ sitting between my legs and looking up at me, when cars pass by and getting tasty treats. This means now you are able to cope much better on walks. You are so clever!

We still have a long way to go with dogs and people but hopefully we will get there. We can’t rush this process it all has to be done at your own pace Scrappy.’

See how good I am?

I’m so pleased I’m getting things right.
I hope you are all pleased with me too and also believe I was worth saving and not being put to sleep.

Love to you all (at a huge distance 🀣 Scrappy)