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Here we have Reuben.

Bulldog aged 2

Reuben has been neutered and had 3 cherry Eye operations whilst in the care of his fosterers. The last operation worked and he has now been given the all clear.

This is what his fosterers have to say about him..

Reuben the Bulldog

He may need to be in a home as the only dog so that all attention is on him, although he is good with other dogs. 

He can possibly live with another dog with a similar play style. He loves to play with toys.

He can sometimes guard food and toys and become reactive when approached. However this is now much improved in his foster home. He will need support with resource guarding and we can give advice. He has never bitten!

He has pinched clothing that’s left around and finds it highly amusing to run off with it, as if it’s all a big game.

He will chew toys and his bed if you let him. So he will need super tough toys to play with. Some natural treats such as a hoof or an Antler may help.

He has no spacial awareness 

 so he will walk over the top of you and other dogs, to get to you for attention.

He used to grab at food and treats but now he sits and waits for his food in the evening. 

No small children as he will ‘barge’ through them and jump. Plus with the fact he can resource guard his prized possessions he cannot be homed with children under 15.

Good on lead and enjoys walks if it’s not raining! 

Fully house trained and loves a cwtch.

He is currently being fed raw food and Harringtons.

So to apply for him.

…No children under 15 or children visiting the home.

…Someone able to handle his potential resource guarding. He can growl, snap and can lunge if he is guarding something of high value to him. Although this has hugely improved. We can offer advice for this.

…Only dog in home so he gets all the attention or possibly another similar higher energy good natured dog. He is good with dogs in general.

…Not to be left home alone any longer than 4 hours.

… Someone to be happy to have him as a big lap dog 


…Someone happy to play with him as he loves to play.

If you can offer him his ideal home then please follow this link to register and apply.


Adoption fee of £150 and homecheck applies

FAQ’s on Adopting

Why am I paying a Registration Fee?

We introduced the £5.50 registration fee which was supported by our Facebook community because we had overwhelming numbers of applications which we went through, only at the last minute of the adoption process for the prospective applicant to let us- and our dogs-down at the last minute. This had happened so many times and as we are all volunteers at the rescue and not paid, it is a huge amount of time to process the applications. So the fee was introduced to deter any applications that were not serious in applying, and for the funds to go to the sponsorship of the long terms foster dogs who have medical or behavioural support needs and cannot be adopted.

What is the Process of Adoption?

You read our dog’s post on the website or Facebook group and follow the instructions.

You pay your registration fee. You will get an acknowledgement of your order and when it’s processed you will get a receipt that has your unique link to the online application form.

You fill out the online form.

If you are shortlisted we will email you with the next steps which is either a virtual or face to face home check.

You submit the documents we need and when all is submitted and reviewed by the team and the team have approved it, you’ll be invited to a meet and greet with the dog. At this stage, you will pay the adoption fee and sign the adoption agreement.

If the meet and greet goes well you take your new family member home with you.

I paid by bank transfer but I didn't get my link?

If you paid by bank transfer it can take up to 24 hours to process your payment and send your link. Please check your junk and spam box if you don’t find it in your inbox. If you haven’t received it after 24 hours please email in at barneyssmallbreedrescue@gmail.com

 We currently do not accept PayPal for the adoption registration fee

Get in Touch By Phone Or email

We are volunteers so we will reply as soon as we possibly can so thanks for being patient!