Well this week has been very exciting.! We got some doggy chocolate for Easter, and also our Uncle Steve came walking with us twice, and George let him carry him ‘cos he likes Steve.

Uncle Steve also brought sausages so he gets a gold star from me too ๐ŸŒŸ

And also on Sunday we went to Auntie Saffs for a couple of hours and we had some pork and crackling!!!

I must say I quite like this Easter lark, its almost as good as Christmas!

Auntie Saff has a cat that’s bigger than us called Magic and she has millions of birds in the garden in a sort of shed thing.

We had a look at them but they were very noisy so we didn’t stick around long. Mum said they are even more mouthy than me!!! What a bloomin cheek!!!

Anyways we are doing OK. Mum says we are doing well on our yumove and the Vetmedin is keeping our hearts ticking over.

We have been told we’re going to the beach tomorrow cos we haven’t been anywhere since this stupid virus has been about.

Be nice to get some sea air and also I can shout at the seagulls and we might even get an ice cream!

Catch ya later

love Milly xxx