‘I don’t care what breed as long as it’s” small/ big /under 6 months’ etc.

The amount of times we see this and cringe.

The thing is, you should care what breed or breed mix the dog is, that you are bringing into your family! For the match to be successful and for you/your family and the pup/dog to be happy, then choosing the right breed dog is extremely important.

Reading about the breed traits of the dogs and choosing one to match your lifestyle and home environment is one of the main things to think about before even considering looking for a dog.

Many people go by the look of the dog. Pretty colours or extra fluffy, maybe very tiny or the latest fashion but don’t fully appreciate that all breeds are so different. Then it starts to go wrong and people wonder why.

Some breeds are naturally more sociable than others. Some need more grooming than others. Some are more tolerant of children than others. Some like handling more than others. Some are stronger than others. Some have terrier type traits…digging for example. Some will be more intelligent and require a job to keep them happy. Some will need a lot of physical exercise. Some are more naturally guardy than others. Some are usually better with other dogs than others. Some breeds are more likely to have health problems.

There are so many different needs for each different breed. A dog is not just a dog. Many people underestimate the time needed to be invested into the puppy. A high energy breed will need more mental and physical stimulation yet many are bought by full time workers/ busy families/ or those unable to walk far and the dog starts to get very bored and frustrated so destroys the sofa and starts to get OCD type behaviours.

Then the dog gets rehomed.

Many people get the latest trend dogs not realising that they often come with health issues and because the dog breed has become popular there is more irresponsible breeding them with health problems. Meaning devastated owners that can’t pay the vet bills.

Then the dog gets rehomed.

Others may buy a terrier breed and believe their dog is being naughty for digging up their prized rose Bush, when it’s natural behaviour but through ignorance of the breed traits doesn’t direct the behaviour elsewhere or seek advise.

Then the dog gets rehomed.

Sometimes very tiny dogs are bought and carried around a lot and also by the children until the dog becomes fearful and snaps. The dog wants to be a dog not a toy.

Then the dog gets rehomed.

Some breeds are more prone to separation anxiety yet they leave the dog to go to work, having put no training in place to help prevent this or considered it in the first place. Neighbours complain about the dog and the dog gets rehomed.

Some breeds have been mixed and needs more grooming as their fur has more tendency to knot. The owners haven’t consider this and don’t groom or take to groomers as often as needed. The dog gets distressed.

What we suggest is before getting any puppy or adult dog you really research the breed traits.

Can you honestly offer the right home set up to the puppy or dog you have seen advertised?

If the answer is no then choose a breed you are a good match for. Otherwise it can lead to failure as an owner, devastated family and a dog that potentially has behavioural issues and a layer of trauma at being rehomed.

It’s about the right dog breed for the right home. Not any dog will do, as they are all the same if you treat them right.