Hi Scrappy here 😁

Everything on the ground is now frozen. Foster mum is pleased because it means no mud for a while, she hates mud because it means mess. The lane is a bit slippy even my paws slipped a bit and Mum said not to pull her because she didn’t want to end up falling over at her age because she might break a bone! I find it extremely difficult not to pull, I have to discover exactly who has been near my house.

Anyway we went in the little field today for a sniff around, guess what? I FOUND A RAT and I got it!! Well it was actually already dead on the floor but well who would have known? I looked at mum all proud with the big, huge, rat in my mouth expecting her to take a photo, but she didn’t have her phone!! So I flung it down on the floor, it tasted vile anyway, give me a dried rabbit ear any day. Mum said the barn cats probably killed the rat, well they can eat it then!

Hope you are enjoying this cold weather and the snow, just don’t come and build a snowman in my field because I will bite your bum 🤣