Hi, my name is Yoda I am  a Chinese Crested x Peruvian Inca Orchid and I was rescued by Barneys  Small Breed Rescue 11 months ago, just before the first lockdown, I am in permanent foster because I am a very frightened boy and I love my mum,  I don’t think anyone else has loved me <3

I wasn’t a very well boy I was having fits so I had to go to a specialist vet in Bristol, it was my first long road trip and I was very frightened, wondering where we were going. When we got there I didn’t  want to get out of the car  and leave my mum, then suddenly this horrible smelly stuff came out of my bottom!

I think it was my anal glands; it went all down my mums legs, she did laugh because she knew I couldn’t help it, but she still had to hand me over to the vet so they could work out what was wrong with me.

After having some tests and being examined I was taken back to my mum I was so pleased to see her, she was told I have epilepsy and was given medication and tablets to take home. The car still smelt horrible so my mum decided she had to go to the shop to get some new trousers.

When we got home I was given the medication which wasn’t nice and then a lovely sausage, not sure what happened to the tablet!  maybe it was in the sausage, then I had  my lovely butcher’s  dinner yum yum !

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