Hi everyone!

My name is Bandit. I’m what mum calls a “forever foster”, whatever that is. All I know is that I love being here, my sisters are here, some lovely children who I love to cuddle, and I get yummy food the same times everyday!

When I first came here, I did not want to come out. I was in a “rescue van” for a few hours and heard a man called Boris saying we had to stay two metres away from people on the radio.

So that’s what I did.

I hid under the Welsh dresser, then I hid in the wardrobe and then I hid under one of the kids beds; I was scared this Coronovirus thing was lurking round the corner…. this went on for a few weeks.

Then I realised my foster mum was giving fuss to my sisters, and the other cats…. and the big scary dogs… and what mum called a “foster dog”… and non of them seemed sick!!

So I braved it. I came out in the dead of night, when no scary viruses are around, and sat on foster mums head.

Since then, I’ve not been so scared. I started to come out in the daytime too. The other cats showed me how to get to the “catio”. I get the fresh air, and foster mum fills up bird feeders in the garden, how stupid, but I scare those birds away for her!!!

My foster mum took me to the V.E.T, I charmed the nurses with my awesome personality so they wouldn’t do anything scary to me. My eye was quite yucky when I came into rescue but foster mum sorted me right out with medication and drops. I only have the one eye you see… well I have two, but one is useless and foster mum says I’ll need to get rid of it, but she promises me lots of fishy treats afterwards, yum!

The vets also say my face is a bit squished and I need some teethies taken out. That’s ok, I still have a cracking smile!!

My foster mummy had a chat with me and said she may have to move me to a “forever home”. This made my foster mummy really sad and she cuddled me really tight. I didn’t want to go again, I like it here! I love to rub all over every thing I can, and hit foster-mums mirrors out the way when she does her make up in the morning for work! I love to lay in the middle of the kitchen floor when she tries to cook. I love to lay between her legs when she sleeps so she can’t roll over and escape. I love being here with my sisters and causing havoc playing in the dead of night.

Foster mum loved it too. She said I had to stay. I couldn’t be happier. I know I have scary surgeries to come but I know my mum loves me and so do all of you!!!

Talk soon

One eyed Bandit