Hello everyone, it’s Menna here.

Well, for my first blog it’s a bit meh because I got sick this week! More specifically, I developed a horrible abscess on my neck, just under my chin, so this is how it all panned out……

I started the week with my usual bath and blow dry, my foster mum said I looked beautiful but she says that about 50 times a day to me and my sister Ella, so who knows! Anyway, the next day mum kept looking at me funny and said she was sure there was a little swelling on my neck. She wanted to have a closer look but I was not having it, I can be quick when I need to and I was off. Mum said I think the vet needs to take a look at that and tried to get me an appointment, she got off the phone muttering about Friday being too far off but I wasn’t bothered, who wants to go there!

The next day things had changed a bit, I’d given my neck a bit of a scratch and I was feeling pretty rotten. Mum made a neck sock thingy to stop me scratching and tried to gently wash down my neck with some pink stuff but she said it was growing before her eyes and she was calling the vet again, before I needed an ambulance! (So dramatic she can be) This time she got the nice lady who knows me and she said to bring me in, great, mum was happy, it’s alright for her she gets to sit in the car, listen to embarrassing music, eat sweets and wait! She said she sits in the car and worries actually….but it’s ME who has to go in there!!

Sure enough I have a high temperature and an abscess, 2 injections, pills to go home with, a cone to stop me scratching it worse, instructions to put socks on AND they want me back next week, they seem to think they will shave the area, give it a good clean and make sure it has all cleared up, apparently abscesses can be stubborn sometimes, well, let me tell you, if it still hurts as much next week I will be showing them what stubborn really

looks like😜Mum has to keep bathing my neck in the pink stuff, but I am not keen on that so give her the run around to keep her on her toes. On the up side I haven’t lost my appetite and mum says that is a miracle she is eternally grateful for.

Until next time enjoy my many positions of recovery, oh, and the socks.. xxx