Scrappy is a complex little boy. Cute and fluffy, a real goofball, he loves life, his soft toy duck and doing tricks. He has a fantastic time running free in my field and playing fetch with his duck and hide and seek with me in the long grass.

Scrappy loves to mess up his bed and blankets, flinging everything up into the air as a game but not destroying it! He has an enthusiasm for life and fun which is lovely to see. We have a lovely relationship and I like seeing him happy.

Scrappy however really doesn’t like anyone else in his life apart from me. He reacts badly to people, dogs, cats, cars, cyclists, horses and anything else that he thinks is a threat. He zones in on them straight away however far away they are and if free would run straight to them and bite multiple times without hesitation.

Scrappy had a bad start to life. Bought originally from a puppy farm and by people that unfortunately had no idea on what a dog needs. He was left crated, punished and under socialised. On his way to be pts for being aggressive, he was taken in by a rescue who turned to us for help.

He has put all his trust into me and is honestly the best dog when it’s just me and him. He has made improvements, although small… He can now self calm. He now thinks more before acting. He has learned cues. He loves tricks.

He can now sniff on walks…this might sound odd but he had to learn to use his nose, as he was so manic he couldn’t relax enough to take in his environment.He is not so reactive with passing cars along the country lane. He has learned to show and receive affection without getting totally over excited.

Scrappy is not safe to be rehomed and has stayed in my care but does have to stay separate to my family and dogs. Luckily we are in a rural area which makes it possible.

Scrappy stays as a permanent foster dog and is one of the dogs Barney’s funds for the rest of their life.

If you would like to sponsor Scrappy by setting up a regular payment on the long term foster page which you can find here.

Or if you can set up a standing order then it would be very much appreciated. Details are:

Barneys’ Small Breed Rescue Community Interest Company

Sort code 60-83-71

Account Number 02048205

Please put the reference as SCRAPPY

Thank you for your support.