Hi folks Milly here.

Well George and I have been absolutely disgusted with how we’ve been treated this week!!

First of all we got haircuts….in March??!!?! Foster Mum said we was getting scruffified and our paws were getting clogged up with mud in the field. Tut we’re Shih Tzu’s were supposed to look scruffified!!!

Anyway to add insult to injury we also got a shower!!!!!😖😱We got wrapped in blankets and cuddles so it wasn’t too bad I suppose.

We’ve had some nice walks this week. Mummy’s friend Steve came with us yesterday and we took him to see the ruined mansion.

George started going the wrong way so Steve picked him up and carried him for ages. What about me???!??🤔Foster Mummy said I have the heart of a lion cos although I have lots of stuff wrong with me I don’t let it stop me and I’m not as wussy as George 😅

The rest of the gang had their hair done today so we just supervised from behind our eyelids. Think we are off out for a walk now then to visit Gran.

Catch ya later love Milly xx🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾