Hello there Georgie here.

Our foster Dad has been home this week so we have been out every day!! One day we had to go to the big doggy hospital for Brandy’s scan so we went to a new place which me and Milly loved.

Foster Mum kept me on my lead at the lake cos I have a bit of a rep for falling in! But it was Teazel who fell in and had to be scooped out by her harness πŸ˜„silly girl.

We have both enjoyed the sunshine this week it makes us feel better and more energetic for sure. Foster Mum cut our fringes too so we can actually see out now!!

We have had a fabulous week and here we are at the field with the gang after a lovely sunny walk where we met and sniffed rather a lot of friends who were enjoying it too 🌞

Tea time now so I’m off.

See you next week

love Georgie xx