Hi again! It’s me, the one eyed-Bandit!

At home I go by a new nickname, DespBandito which foster mum annoying sings to me, she definitely sounds like a fellow feline when she does!

I’ve had a few funny tricks up my sleeve since the last time we spoke. One of our lovely Barneys supporters had made a donation of Dreamies to my foster mum. Well… the second I hear that packet I put on my best purr and run straight over! I have to share them with the other cats, huff, even though we all know I’m the best!

Foster mum says I was very boney when I came into rescue but now I’m the perfect size and feeling fabulous! So I got lots of extra treats without the other cats knowing in the early days, however that’s all stopped now and I only get treats when everyone else has them too!

Silly foster mum closed the packet the other night, and left them up on the kitchen worktop. I waited until no one was around, and I jumped up to the side. I could smell them, but I didn’t know how to get to them! So I had a little scratch at it and that didn’t work….so I had a little nibble and that didn’t work… so I bit down hard and used my feet to rip open the packet! Oh it was glorious!!

Victory was mine, and so were all the dreamies!! The only problem was that after eating them all, I was a bit sleepy, so I used the packet as a pillow so I could still smell the victory, and had a cat-nap. Yep, you guessed it – I was busted!

Foster mum found me laying at the scene of the crime! She did giggle and tell me that I was a greedy piggy, but NOW she shuts them away in a tin!! So, if anyone has any hints or tips of how I can get the lid off please drop me a message in the comments!

Ooooh I must tell you all about this beautiful one eyed cat that’s trying to invade my space!! I don’t see it often, just when I walk in the upstairs hallway if I glance on my good side. This other cat keeps appearing, foster mum has called it “a mirror”, which I think is a stupid name.

We already have two one eyed cats here and I’m not ready for a third to come live here and share my treats! I hiss at it and it hisses back, the cheek of it. So I give it a warning strike, and the “a mirror” has a whack at me!! It’s pretty solid for a cat and doesn’t feel lovely and fluffy like me. I’ve even tried boxing with it, both paws up, repeatedly smacking it and it’s very quick and retaliates!

Foster mum normally comes to pick me up at that point to stop us fighting, and as we walk away I notice the other cat must have been scared off by my awesome fight tactics because it’s gone too. But now and again she reappears and I have to put her in her place. I will say, she’s a very beautiful cat, but I’m better looking.

I’m absolutely loving my life. I’ve found my new hobby of Parkour, which has been fantastic in the catio. I normally start my routine in the morning as the sun comes up, I have a good early morning work out before breakfast, then I fuss foster mum whilst she gets ready for work and I push all her bits and bobs off her dresser – she loves it, and then I have a nap.

I’m getting really good at my parkour and foster mum says she’ll try get a video one day, if I let her!

Anyway, got to go, the little people are home from school and I absolutely LOVE them so I need to rub all over them and make sure they smell of me, not those stinky dogs!

Love Bandit