Cross breed puppies (one pure bred dog crossed with another pure bred dog) have become very popular.

To list a few….

Beautiful, often fluffy and less shedding coat, dogs.

Due to their popularity, many people have started breeding them just to make money and charging thousands for them. This in itself is a personal choice if you choose to pay that, to get a dog breed mix of your choice however, just a few pointers.

…They are not a pure breed, they are a cross breed. So many people buy them believing they are a pure breed in itself and that they have papers to prove it.

… some are listed as rare, that is only because other people wouldn’t even consider crossing the 2 breeds they have used and certainly not worth a rare breed price. Or maybe a ‘rare’ colour?

… Those that breed to make money usually do not breed for temperament and health so you may well find your puppy grows up to have genetic behavioural and or health issues. It is NOT all about how they are raised, yes it helps but you cannot change genetics.

… Those that breed just for the cash often have not spent out on health checks (dna) on the parents before breeding them (a puppy vet check is not the same thing)

Mixed breed puppies (often the ones with even longer made up breed names) such as Cavapoochons (cavalier x poodle x bichon) are what used to be called mongrels.

We absolutely love cross breeds and mixed breeds and are in no way saying don’t get one. We are just hoping to make people aware before spending out a lot of money.

….They are not ‘rare’ just because they have a pretty colour.
….They are not ‘rare’ just because they are an unusual cross.
….They are not a breed, they are a popluar cross/mixed breed.
….Check for dna health checks on the parents or at the very least meet them and see what the mum or both are like temperament wise.
….Understand and research the breeds in the cross you are buying and see if you can meet the needs of those breed traits.

For example.. You may be looking at a cockerpoo, so is the cocker spaniel a working or show type? What size poodle? toy, miniature, standard? Spaniels are very busy, especially the working ones which are often used and the poodles are clever and each size has different breed traits too. Your pup may not always have a mix of both breeds, it may have a poodle coat but behave like a working spaniel!

For example borderdoodles…a cross between a border collie and a poodle. May look cute and fluffy but is a very clever, possibly bouncy, sensitive breed mix, needing needing a lot of mental stimmulation and will hate being bored.

Really what we are saying is understand what you are buying.

..Understand the genetic breed traits of the individual breeds you are buying.
..Buy from a breeder that has bred for health and temperament (as with all breed puppies)
..Know you are buying a cross/mixed breed.

There is no need for people to try to make others feel bad for buying one. I’ve seen all sorts of criticism online such as..

Calling them ‘designer’ breeds’.
Calling them mutts or mongrels.

This is used in a derogatory way and completely unnecessary and nasty.

Everyone has a right to choose the breed/breed mix they personally want and to pay what they want for the pup. Cross and mixed breed puppies are just as valuable and precious to their owners as others pure breed dogs whether they paid £50 or £2500 for it.

I personally have a few Cross breeds both bought and rescued. I haven’t paid thousands (mainly because I don’t have enough spare cash to spend it on any breed dog though) but they are fab dogs and it’s so interesting seeing what breed traits are more dominant in them.

As with all puppies know what you are buying.