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Your help is appreciated so much

Volunteer Role

Our volunteers help us in all sorts of ways. They will often transport and offer relay transport to dogs coming into rescue. They will often collect dogs who are being released by their owners and offer emotional support when a dog is being relinquished into rescue. Volunteers will also homecheck and advise the team as to the type of foster or adoptive home being offered.

The role of the volunteer is really important to keep our team’s connection between our dogs, our fosterers and our prospective adopters.

Volunteers also help with the admin and ‘background’ support of Barney’s and we are always keen to hear from you if you have admin skills, fundraising skills and bid-writing skills.

How To Become a Volunteer

If you are looking to volunteer for homechecking or for transporting dogs, please email barneyssmallbreedrescue@gmail.com and request a volunteer application form.

If you are interested in volunteering for admin posts, fundraising, bid-writing please email your cv with a covering letter explaining how you can help the team.

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