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We are a South Wales (UK) based, rescue for small breed dogs. Our main location is in Bridgend with our fosterers located across the main M4 corridor of South Wales, (Newport to Pembrokeshire) and we have some staff and fosterers in the Birmingham area. We rehome to and are able to accept dogs throughout the UK. (Please contact us for further information).
We aim to find the most suitable, loving homes for our Barney’s dogs. This means that we assess you based on how well you are able to demonstrate how you can meet their needs.  We have a very active and supportive community of supporters, fosterers’ and staff team- all volunteers.
Barney’s changed status to become a Community Interest Company in 2020 and as such any profits are returned to Barney’s to cover the cost of some of our dogs who are placed in long-term foster as they have medical or other needs which can’t be met through being adopted.
A new arrival will be posted on Barney’s Facebook group. Updates are posted there whilst they are in foster homes so that people get a good idea of what the dog is like.  When they are ready to be adopted, they have their own post inviting applications.  If you meet the criteria as outlined in their post then you are welcome to apply.  You apply by using the link in the post.
Unlike the larger rescues’ Barney’s is run by unpaid volunteers, and all monies received returns to our Barney’s dogs -any dog coming into rescue may have to be spayed or neutered, have vaccinations and health check-ups, and are provided with food, and bed, toys, and leads/harness and an ID collar. You can imagine the cost of these!
Once you have completed the online application the team will review and aims to respond within 10 working days.  If you are unsuccessful you may apply in the future for another Barney’s dog.
If you are successful, you’ll be asked to provide various documents and either have a face-to-face or virtual homecheck. If all goes well you’ll be invited to a meet and greet and you will be sent an adoption contract and pay the adoption fee.
If the meet and greet successful means you take your new fur family member home.
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Meet The team

Barney’s Small Breed Rescue became a Community Interest Company in August 2020.

Founder & Director: Sharron Walters

Director: Tarrina Kenward

Director: Star Glide

Foster Co-ordinator South Wales: Andrea Hawkins

Foster Co-ordinator Support South Wales: Vacant

Foster Co-ordinator Birmingham: Gareth Zoe Hennessy

Foster Co-ordinator Support Birmingham: Layla Carr

Adoption Co-ordinator: Vacant

Admin: Emily  Freeman & Arianne Canter-Lewis

Secretary: Lana Morris

Admin support team: Gwyn Kristaps, Carys Nia Summers

Dog Trainer (Targeted support for Post Adoption advice): Katie Van Zyl


PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept personal friend requests in order to discuss any aspect of our processes or dogs. If you have an enquiry, need advice or want to discuss releasing your dog to Barney’s care, then please email

Community Interest Company
Company Number: 12631113

Any Questions? email us

Please be aware that the team are volunteers and have day jobs. They will aim to get to your enquiry as soon as they possibly can.