Hi, Yoda here.

I’m with Ben he came into rescue at the same time as me, he is the same breed as me and also in permanent foster, so is going to live with me forever. Mum told us we are going over to Sharron’s (Sharron is mum’s daughter) to get some dinner for me and Ben from the barn and then we can have a run in the field.

Here is our dog family, at the top is Ben then me, Bella is next she is a yorkie and the only girl in the dog family, Brynley next he is a Chinese crested x chihuahua and he thinks he is the boss πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Pippin is laying down he is a Chinese crested, I think he is wondering if it is going to be muddy in the field because he doesn’t like the mud 😱 but we don’t mind, we hope it is going to be nice and sunny so we can do some sunbathing after our run.

Mum seems to be taking a long time l hope she can find some food, we like butchers but we have heard Scrappy also likes it, I hope he hasn’t eaten it all, we have seen him but he didn’t want to be friends he didn’t even like my mum πŸ€” we were all very frightened 😱 but he loves Sharron.

Yay, mums back, she was very pleased with us and took us to the field where we had a lovely run and did some sunbathing.

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More adventures next week.