Hi everyone Yoda here!

Mums just filled up the kongs, that is usually because she’s going out. I heard her say she’s going with Sharron to pick up a dog to bring into rescue.

I can hear her sorting though the harnesses that means one of us is going with her πŸ€” I hope it will be me, but first I wonder if I should help myself to the biscuits πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Oh I didn’t get a chance! Mum just realised she left them on the floor and has put them away.

Then she put my harness on , she picked me πŸ˜„. She said I need to see a bit more of the world, as I haven’t seen much of it.

We went to Sharrons first because we go in the Barneys rescue van. It’s s going to be a long journey; somewhere in England Mum said.

We had been driving a long time, I was just about to go asleep, when suddenly we stopped on a very busy road 😱

Oh no, why have I had to get out with all these cars?

Mum had me very safe. I had a harness on with a lead which was tied around her.

Looks like it’s a flat tyre. Sharron had to phone the RAC, we had to wait over a hour before we could get back driving. My Mum’s s arms were aching holding me all that time 😁

The dog we picked up was very good in the van, we took him to his foster home with all the things he needed.

It was a long day! After we got home I had my dinner then I went to sleep with my brothers.

I think my Mum should of put a blanket over us πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

More adventures soon πŸ’š